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Hero Dreams Imaging

*** UPDATE 12/12/18 – Returned from the ATL and a wedding at Hightower Falls Event Venue in Cedartown, GA. The event was Harry Potter themed and truly magical. I will be working on this gallery in the weeks to come.

Normally at this time of year I'm already working on Dragon*KHAN. Not this year. The major leg injury last year and subsequent surgery has kept me from doing many shoots, DC especially. I am working on a gallery of some of the better architectural aspects that represent DC and the host hotels.

Had two shoots in the ATL earlier this summer. One is private but will be released after a key date in September.

Completed the HoTD 2018 gallery. Will be working to finish a group shoot from DC 2017. Much was interrupted due to a major knee and leg injury over Labor Day weekend last fall. Had surgery at the end of the year. Rehab is consuming much of my time now. Recovery is slow at present.

Shoots planned for 2018 will be few in number until my leg is recovered from a serious injury and major surgery.

The past few years have seen changes related to my evolution as a photographer. I'm still here and will keep working at it.

My interests are many and varied. However, most of what you will find here deal primarily with autos/transportation, models, and costuming/cosplay. On occasion other disciplines will be posted.

For those that continue to follow my work - Thank you!

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